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Upon reaching level 58 on Kallisti, players have the option to create a bloodline. When doing so, a new character is created that is linked to the existing one. The new character will start with twice the normal hits and mana and a +1 bonus to all stats. The descendent may be of any class but will always be the same race as the patriarch/matriarch of their line. Bloodline characters may choose to reroll their stats as many times as they want but only at Level 1.

The patriarchs/matriarchs also receive benefits. Each time the descendent gains a level, the ancestor will gain some hit, mana, and or stamina as well - regardless if the ancestor is online or not. In addition, the ancestor will gain MLR (Multi-Level Requirement) points for every bloodline that reaches level 50.

Each character can only start two bloodlines but descendents can branch out creating 2 more bloodlines and extend the lineage infinitely. If your bloodlines attain 59th level, they can start their own bloodlines which will be "grand bloodlines" of the original ancestor. For every two of the grand-bloodlines or great-grand-bloodlines (etc.) that reach 50th level, the original ancestor receives additional HMS and MLR.

This is a great option for players which will allow them to create a new character while continuing to improve their original character. It also encourages them to help new players if they choose to give one of their bloodlines away so that the family tree expands more rapidly. A bloodline's heritage will show up on the score screen.