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There are two kinds of quests available for players on Kallisti. A number of mobs are quest masters, especially at lower levels, that are automated so the character may perform a quest without the guidence of an immort. Prizes for the automated quests vary from experience points to equipment and are a good way to learn one's way around the mud.

In addition, guided quests are run from time to time by one or another of the immort staff. Rewards for these quests (which again are for a variety of levels, though concentrating on the higher ones) are usually in the form of quest points. Type help qpoints while in-game to see a list of the bonuses and items that may be purchased with these quest points.

The quest masters are spread out around the realms. You may be surprised, in fact, when stumbling across one; they can turn up in the strangest places! Keep an eye on the quest bulletin board in Midgaard for upcoming guided quests.

For help in-game, see: help quest