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For the ultimate challenge, you can create a Paragon character. Paragons are the epitome of excellence and their accomplishments will earn special rewards and powers for all heroes in their account lineage.

Paragons are reset to level 1 when they die (not including DEATHTRAPS). At level 1 they can change classes (using the RECLASS command) and try again. They can also change race for free at the Adventurer's Guild (4n e 2n of Temple). Paragons DO keep all their gear upon death. Paragons have a permanent 5% bonus to all experience earned.

Paragons automatically level once they have the experience, MLR, and noble points to gain. They do NOT have to pay gold to gain higher levels. The highest level attained with a Paragon earns special benefits to ALL characters on their same account (see below). Paragons have a special VIP (Very Important Paragon) room north of reception.

You can only have one Paragon per account. The max level attained is stored on your account and upon death of a Paragon, you can try again to attain a higher level but you keep all rewards associated with your previous higher level until you beat it and unlock new rewards.

A challenge only for the best of you.

Level Reward

  • 10 Earn top10 points per Paragon level above 10
  • 20 20% discount to REGRESS +1% each additional Paragon level (100% discount at level 100)
  • 25 You can see exact stats during character creation and score
  • 30 1% exp bonus + 0.1% bonus every Paragon level thereafter (4% at level 60)
  • 35 Never hungry (but you can still eat to full)
  • 40 Start earning MLR for all characters on the account ((Paragon level - 39) ^ 1.2)
  • 45 Never thirsty (but you can still drink to full)
  • 50 Recall without scroll (where you would need a scroll, not fighting)
  • 51 Unlock luck for max stat meta
  • 52 Unlock Giant for race change
  • 53 All new characters created on account get +3 instead of +1 stat boost
  • 54 Additional qpts each Paragon level
  • 55 No race restricts on specializing
  • 60 Blood trait (more details soon)

You must be level 1 and there's no going back! You cannot be a Bloodline nor can you create Bloodlines with a Paragon.