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Levels and Nobility


There is a long journey ahead of the character who wishes to become a Legend. To start with, there are one hundred plus levels of mortal play.

Characters who survive against the odds and reach level 100 are true adventurers whose fame is spread throughout the lands and whose name is known to every tongue. These are the fiery archmages, brave warriors, and holy clerics who have risen above even the highest expectations and against the most mortal dangers. These are ... the Legends of Kallisti!


Want to rule the world? Tax your peasants? Order your legion of soldiers to destroy an opposing kingdom that you currently don't fancy? Or do you just have an enormous inferiority complex that a privledged title and a few statues of yourself will remedy?

Become a Kallisti Noble! Easier said than done, actually. You'll need to earn that title by accumulating "nobility points" on your account which can be earned in a variety of ways. At certain thresholds, you'll receive an appropriate title as well as other benefits.

Nobility Rewards

Points Benefit
  • Build a player house paying 20 million gold as well
  • 2000
  • Build a stable.
  • 3000
  • Build a shop.
  • 4000
  • Build a altar.
  • 5000
  • Build a dungeon.
  • 6000
  • Build a inn.
  • 7500
  • Build a throne room.
  • 10000
  • Wear an extra ring. Enlist Champion.
  • 15000
  • Wear extra neckgear.