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Engaged with the drow in an everlasting struggle for dominance over the vast underground realms, the Duerger are a vile race of beings.

On the whole, Duergar resemble their distant cousins, the dwarves. Ancient legend tells of a time when the two races lived together as one, and of a cataclysmic battle that forever seperated the two peoples. Short and stocky, Duergar tend to make up for lack of height with increased breadth and body mass. Indeed, an average sized member of the race tends to outweigh a similarly average member of the human race by several stone. Features vary, but most of the race has dark skin, usually either greyish or reddish in hue, and hair and eyes as pale as those of any creature that spends a large amount of time in the deep caverns.

Duergar seem to have an mild resistance toward arcane [mage or necromancer] magic, a feature that serves them well against their drow enemies. Adventuring members of this race do not seem to have any inhibition in this area, however, and some of the most feared mages and necromancers have hailed from the caverns of the dark dwarvenkin.

Duergar PC stats have the following modifiers applied (note: these racial modifications not only alter your character's original stats, but also the maximum attainable with equipment [18+modifier] and the meta shop [25+modifier].)

StrInt Wis Dex Con Luk Siz
+2 -1 +1 -3 +4 0 -2



Racial Traits

Infravision, Magic Resistance, Gem Cutting, and Edged Weapon skill bonus

Restricted Classes

Duergar characters may not be Paladins, Rangers, Druids, Templars, or Samurai.