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Small and agile, and gifted with social skills as well, most halflings can be found in the enclaves which they tend to make within large cities.

No scholar knows what beginnings the halfling race has had, but all agree that halflings [for some odd reason] don't make settlements of their own. Indeed, all known halflings tend to hail from one of the neighborhoods in the great city-states of Kallisti. These 'halfling ghettos', as it were, tend to be fairly open and welcoming toward memebers of that race but decidedly closed off, even secluded, from others.

Halflings resemble humans [in fact, they are distant relatives] but are only one-half as tall - hence the name. Other than the size difference, halflings may be found with all the physical traits as their larger cousins. Halflings are extremely dextrous, even more than pixies, and it is not unusual to see one or more of them in a carnival show or other form of entertainment.

Halfling PC stats have the following modifiers applied (note: these racial modifications not only alter your character's original stats, but also the maximum attainable with equipment [18+modifier] and the meta shop [25+modifier].)

Str Int Wis Dex Con Luk Siz
-2 0 0 +4 -2 0 -3


Good or Neutral.

Racial Traits


Restricted Classes

Halflings may not be Barbarians, Dreadlords, Paladins, Necromancers, or Samurai.