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As numerous as grains of sand, the human race makes up the largest segment of the population and is in control throughout most of the known world.

Originally conceived as a compromise between the gods, humans are [with the exceptions of Halflings and Half-Elves] the youngest of the races on Kallisti. Despite this, they have gone on to be come the most populous and can be found in every corner of the lands and across the seas as well. They are adept at nearly everything they try and it doesn't take long for humans to pick up new skills at all.

Physically, humans range from tall to small, from grossly overweight to very thin. Their hair colours cover the spectrum from black to white and their eyes may be any colour from midnight black to the palest blue. Furthermore, these variations may be found in all places that the human race has penetrated.

Human PC stats have the following modifiers applied (note: these racial modifications not only alter your character's original stats, but also the maximum attainable with equipment [18+modifier] and the meta shop [25+modifier].)

Str Int Wis Dex Con Luk Siz
0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Good, Neutral, and Evil.

Racial Traits

Humans have no special traits that set them apart - aside from their quick breeding!

Restricted Classes

Due to their incredible versatility, humans are unrestricted in their class choices. Note that alignment restrictions still apply, e.g. an evil human is not going to go through life as a Paladin.