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Fierce as balrogs and possessing only the most rudimentary of civilized behavior, Trolls have one of the least developed, yet most feared, cultures in the lands.

Trolls hunt. Trolls kill. Trolls eat. Beyond this, troll society is, at best, sketchy. They congregate on the family scale, with only three to fifteen claiming a certain area for hunting and living at a time. Trolls are very nomadic as well, and families of them have been sighted on the outskirts of Darkport and then in the outlying farms of Rommena within a week or two. This mobility is part of what makes them so terrifying - one never knows when a pack of them will come upon the adventuring party in the late hours after the sun has gone down. The only safety precaution that seems to work is to have a large fire going all night. Adventurers who have fought against them have reported that they shy away from flames and are inflicted with heavier wounds when burned than other humanoids.

Trolls stand in the area of nine or so feet tall and, while lanky and seemingly ungainly, are filled with a tremendous strength and constitution that allows them to fight long after their opponent is flagging. One oddity: they have longer arms, in proportion to other humanoids, and more than one traveller has told of then running with a strange, though efficient, three-limbed stride that can overtake even the hardiest stallion in the short run.

Troll PC stats have the following modifiers applied (note: these racial modifications not only alter your character's original stats, but also the maximum attainable with equipment [18+modifier] and the meta shop [25+modifier].)

Str Int Wis Dex Con Luk Size
+3 -2 -4 0 +5 0 +4



Racial Traits

Owing to a very advanced metabolism, Trolls regenerate at an accelerated rate. Trolls are also less fire resistant.

Restricted Classes

Trolls may not be Paladins, Bards, Druids, Prophets, Templars, Wizards, Monks, or Samurai.