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Elves and Humans have been interbreeding for centuries, spawning the only mortally created race that inhabits Kallisti - the Half-Elf.

No one is quite sure when the first Human-Elf relationship bore fruit, but half-elves have been spread throughout the lands as though carried on the wind. They are found in all walks of life, from remote Druid enclaves to the bustling town centres of Rommena and Evermore. Despite this, most half-elves lead a somewhat difficult life - though they are the children of both races, neither one is willing to assume responsibility for this. As a result, most of them tend to gravitate toward the life of an adventurer and never stay in one place for very long.

Adult half-elves tend to be about the size of a smaller-than-average human. Their elven blood gives them keen eyesight [indeed, allowing them to even see in the dark], but other than their slighter frame, many could pass easily for human. All half-elves have slightly-pointed ears, one last holdover from their Fae ancestors.

Half-Elf PC stats have the following modifiers applied (note: these racial modifications not only alter your character's original stats, but also the maximum attainable with equipment [18+modifier] and the meta shop [25+modifier].)

Str Int Wis Dex Con Luk Siz
0 +1 0 +1 -1 0 0


Good, Neutral, and Evil.

Racial Traits


Restricted Classes